Research and Estimation

Developing an estimate requires speed and meticulous knowledge of your industry and the Internet.  We start off by listening to each of our client’s unique needs and wants and only then will RESI offer suggestions using our own experiences within your industry.  Our ultimate goal is to match all of your expectations and surpass them.

In keeping with RESI' mission to keep all aspects of your project as hassle free and comprehensive as possible, the price you’ll receive from us is one final price free of any hourly estimates or any other inconclusive figures.  Our price is final and should any miscalculations occur once development has begun, rest assured those costs will be taken care of by us.

The last thing you want is to suddenly be presented with some kind of unforeseen “hidden fee” that happened to be buried within the fine print.  We believe one price for all services involved (including technical support and ongoing maintenance) is the best way to go regardless of the size and scope of your project.  From day one you’ll know exactly what to expect and all the fees involved to get your project accomplished.

Website Design

RESI utilizes only the newest and best technologies available to develop your internet solution.  With a team of artists on staff waiting to transform your vision onto the screen, we will guarantee that we will fulfill and exceed your expectations.

At RESI, we pride ourselves on our continuing efforts to stay abreast of existing and emerging technologies and our ability to use them in unique and creative ways throughout the development of our projects.  Our exceptionally creative team is eager to translate your vision and ideas into an artistic reality.

Our goal is to ensure you remain beyond satisfied not only with your website’s overall visual aesthetic but with its ease and simplicity of use.  Attracting new clients is perhaps the most important goal of your website and its complexity can become a make or break situation if your target audience has not been well defined and you are presenting something that your clients will find difficult to use.  By allowing RESI to predefine your audience and subsequently develop a solution that fully accommodates them, such a situation should never become an issue.

Our design process is simple but effective:

RESI uses an initial mocking system where we create non-working samples of your website for your initial approval before any actual building has begun.  This ensures there is no improvisation or fixing of the website after initial design approval is accomplished as well as making certain you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Construction of the site is done by our expert website engineers by combining the latest Internet and web technologies like AJAX, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Java and additional technologies used to create a fast loading, easy to use interface.

Testing and debugging of all projects is a crucial step in making sure your website is free of all defects and works perfectly across all major Internet browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. RESI guarantees our work for the life of your website and we will fix all defects and errors as well as make small adjustments to the site at no additional cost for as long as you remain a client.

Product Microsites

In today’s competitive age, new products are often showcased through high impact visually intriguing sites designed solely for the purpose of advertising the product.  Since these websites are intended to promote individual products, RESI can create a unique look and feel for these product microsites by eliminating the corporate website’s requisite design limitations.

Microsites work perfectly across multiple industries and can be advertised on an individual basis.  What’s more, once your initial product, service or event campaign has reached its end, these sites can be easily eliminated without any effect on your corporate site.

Interactive Flash

The days of simply slapping text onto a static page and expecting traffic are something of an afterthought.  Today, websites have evolved into a well planned fusion of interaction, movement, sound and attractive design that keeps a person’s attention.

By using cutting edge Adobe Flash technologies, RESI' artists can achieve this level of animation and interactivity for your website.

RESI can also attach a database and interactive content management system to your Flash interface, turning your website into an amazing blend of design and function.

3D Animation

Nothing is more impressive than the illusion of a website coming out of your screen.  Using 3D animation, the experience becomes that much more believable and captivates both the imagination and curiosity of the user.

RESI can animate or create 3D imagery of any of your products or services, increasing the overall interactivity and its cutting edge appeal.


Imagine the perfect website: beautiful colors, impeccable design, immersive interaction, and a great marketing campaign.  However, when your clients find this website, the text they read is uninspiring with misspellings and grammatical errors throughout. Suddenly, clients are heading to a competitor’s website after they’ve been turned off by your unintended lack of professionalism.

Unfortunately, that is what bad writing does.  At RESI our professional copywriting staff can make your products and services and any other textual content on your site sound like the closest thing to winning the lottery.  You need to be able to instantly grab the attention of your clients.  On the web, less is more.  You need to thoroughly get your point across while still being concise.  Many people don’t read lengthy text, especially on the web so sometimes a combination of bullet points, short sentences and clever writing can go a long way in keeping your client’s interested and engaged.

Database Development

The web today is much more than just a collection of clever images.  You need content, products, and services that usually have a greater amount of inventory or information that changes constantly and will be nearly impossible to maintain by a webmaster. Well-designed databases will enhance the way your site operates and guarantee return customers.  Keeping your site up to date could be as simple as logging in to your site administration system or making a change on your desktop application RESI will link the database to your back office application along with your website, making any necessary updates just a few simple clicks.

RESI can program in any available computer language but we will determine the specific language required based on your needs and industry.  Managing ten products is not the same as managing 10,000; you will need an application that adapts to you and does not hinder your growth or any of your efforts to expand your business.

RESI, through its sister company Real Estate Systems Integrator, has been designing databases since 1994. Most recently, we have developed systems which are capable of efficiently managing over 1,000,000 records in the Real Estate Multiple Listing Service.


Imagine the Internet without the capabilities of buying goods and services.  Today, buying something on the web is a simple process requiring one or two clicks.  Not all e-commerce solutions are the same; many are cumbersome and may not work properly with the unique requirements of your industry.  The jack of all trades mentality is not meant for the web. You need a custom solution that is going to help your clients get what they need quickly and easily.

  1. Extensive research and market analysis work performed. Similar to traditional approaches, e-commerce requires thorough business planning with a keen understanding of supply and demand.
  2.  A capable managerial team who’ve developed an information technology game plan.
  3. Offering a secure and simplified method of allowing customers to make transactions.  Credit cards are the largest method of payment when it comes to Internet transactions and, today, these transactions are conducted through commercial banks and credit card companies as opposed to using payment gateways.
  4. Crucial security and reliability components such as fail safe technology, encryption software, network firewalls and redundancy servers.

Additional factors to take into account include the need for maintaining accurate product information (including stock level), ensuring shipping methods are reliable, and managing potential complaints quickly and effectively.  

Customer experience

If an e-commerce business intends to stay in business for the long term, it must ensure that its customers receive a pleasant and gratifying experience by:

  • Offering client value.  This can be achieved by pricing products competitively that will in turn attract clientele.
  • Providing a fusion of performance and exceptional service.  Making sure customers are receiving a friendly experience goes a long way towards achieving such goals.
  • Creating incentives such as promotions, discounts or coupons designed to entice a customer to return.  Joining affiliate programs and cross-linking can also assist significantly.
  • Offering personal attention such as suggestions, website personalization, or individualized special offers that equate to the next best thing to speaking to the person face to face.
  • Establishing a community through the use of moderated forums, loyalty programs, and real time chat rooms.
  • Becoming the holder of the customer’s complete experience.  Online vendors usually achieve this by making any contact with the customer an experience that becomes tantamount with the brand.
  • Allowing customers to take a self serve approach while ensuring all necessary product information and accompanying supplies and accessories are readily available for them to do so.
  • Employing search methods or offering comparative advice and information.

Mission Critical Hosting

Hosting your site is an important part of a complete package. RESI owns and maintains all of its equipment ensuring that only the optimum, most reliable hardware and software is utilized.  With a group of servers in a redundancy cluster environment, we can guarantee 99.99% uptime year around.

Hardware is only half of the story.  RESI houses its equipment in the NAP of the Americas in the Terremark building, one of the most significant telecommunications projects in the world.  This state-of-the-art Network Access Point (NAP) located in Miami, Florida provides highly secure and reliable Facility Services including Collocation and Peering, Managed Services and Dedicated Hosting Services.

The NAP of the Americas® was the first purpose-built, carrier-neutral NAP and is the only facility of its kind specifically designed to link all countries and continents on a high speed high eligibility connection. It provides you with direct, secure backbone access to the world’s major carriers.  Via this massive connectivity, Terremark can deliver to millions of businesses and consumers virtually anywhere in the world any available service from any network service provider in the world.

Search Engine Marketing

Once your site is up and running a typical question will be, “What do I do next?”  Marketing your site is a science mastered by only a few people and companies worldwide.  Driving traffic and business to your website is the pinnacle.  The key to achieving low cost, fast paced sales of your products and services, and improving customer conversion is by exposing these potential customers to your business.

It has been said that owning a website that cannot be found in search engines is much like leaving a billboard in your basement. With over 85% of new website users finding their destination from a search engine, you simply cannot build a successful website without proper search engine optimization (SEO). RESI is an expert in the field of search engine optimization and has assisted countless website owners in achieving outstanding search page rankings.

When it comes to promoting and marketing your website online, there are numerous options available to you. RESI Media Lab can help determine which of these will be the most effective for your business in both performance and cost.

RESI offers a range of marketing strategies to make your website successful:

Blog Management

Our marketing and copywriting staff will choose a topic every week or month (depending on the marketing package) based on your area, business type, or industry and write a related blog post.  We can control up to ten blogs for each of our clients. RESI will keep your blogs accurate and up to date by writing content and answering blog questions and comments.

Article Writing

RESI will write articles based on existing market trends and current events, these articles will be linked back to your site.

Press Releases.

Special events, new listings and any other important event that will require announcements will be written by RESI.  These press releases are submitted to multiple news sources with the purpose of having them picked up by many news agencies and newspapers. This exposure can create an amazing amount of traffic to your site.

Content Writing

The benefits of having a professionally designed website can be greatly diminished if your site’s content does not adequately describe your areas of practice or convey your message. Additionally, your search engine rankings will suffer if your content is not written with an emphasis on search engine marketability.  To ensure that your website performs to the greatest degree possible, we highly recommend the services of our on-staff content writers.

Banner Design and Dissemination

When our clients want to advertise on a national or local website, the best and most efficient way is to place banner ads on these websites.  This will drive traffic from these frequently visited sites to yours.

Analytic Tracking

RESI spends significant time analyzing and understanding where traffic is coming from.  We use this information to focus your site’s keywords and content on the right niche.

Awards and Nominations Entry

Having your website recognized within your industry drives traffic, increases market share, and sets you apart from your competitors.  RESI covers all the expenses of submitting your website for awards and nominations.


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