Web design for the law industry has its own set of rules.  Just like every law firm differs considerably, so does the website that represents it.  Since law involves its own set of rules, restrictions and general guidelines, the industry requires a web designer who is familiar with these requirements and not just someone who “makes websites”.

Deciding on a law firm web design company for you or your law firm is not an easy task; law professionals must accept that finding a firm to design their website requires plenty of research and planning. Marketing exclusively through print is becoming less viable and has encouraged many law firms to seek an online presence to ensure the future success of their business.   The people chosen to design a legal website must have a firm grasp of marketing within the industry as well as technical skills such as search engine optimization (SEO) and technical support.  Most importantly, the designer(s) should know what attorneys and firms need to become true competitors in an online setting.  Knowing this information means a solid understanding of how aggressive the legal industry arena can be.

Anyone can claim to make websites but only experienced individuals know the standards and guidelines necessary to make your online presence a successful one.  Considering how important your reputation is and how much money is often involved, you need to know the people you’re dealing with are themselves skilled and have a thoroughly proven track record.

At RESI Interactive Marketing, we’re always developing new strategies designed to increase your ranking on search engines and generate more leads to your website.  Our marketing strategies include focusing on largely untapped niche markets which can attract significant business.

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