The ability to easily order food online, make reservations, view and clearly “read” a menu online are some of the obstacles that the Food and Beverage industry faces today.  It’s astonishing how many restaurant website menus are impossible to read online.  Something that simple could turn off a potential new customer. Curb side food pickup and delivery is becoming the new trend for the industry. Companies like Dominos and others have finally embraced the web and have allowed customers to order online for delivery and pickup via their food company website.  The problem is that not all of these ordering systems are created equal.  At Elements, we’ve spent years researching the best systems and understanding the intricacies of ordering food online such as pop-up promotional offers during checkout as well as the facets of beverage marketing.  

Upscale restaurants often make the assumption that word of mouth is enough to attract clients but, in reality, potential clients want the ability to read the menu, look at pictures of the food, look at a wine list to see if their favorite wine is in the cellar, and make a reservation with the click of a mouse.  restaurant merchandise should also be available online to allow customers to send or buy a memento to remember their visit.

One major flaw of these sites is the lack of information about what people are saying about the restaurant in news releases, newspaper & magazine articles, and online reviews.  Through the Elements website, restaurant would be able to simply upload links to these articles and reviews.


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